Thanale Caves


Located off the highway, a few hours of arduous trekking with river crossings coming in your way, set the tone for this challenging trip best undertaken in the winters.

From the dense foliage you wade through to the eventual ascent up to the cave system, every step is an experience. The system itself is built to accommodate echoes and augments sounds carried out through it, with an enviable view of the dense forestation surrounding you and the hills near Khopoli in sight.


The campsite at Thanale offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare, with the specialty being the barbecue that adds to the charm of this getaway.


Apart from documenting and exploring the cave system in which your tent rests, one can indulge in plenty of photography with the alluring landscape, best viewed after the rains. However, one can also indulge in some genuine peace and quiet and take time to reflect, muse, write or just spend time with fellow campers. The place offers tranquillity that is missing in most other holiday hotspots, credited to the secluded location of the caves.


  • Good trekking shoes to tackle the trek to the caves.
  • A waterproof watch
  • Plastic bags to cover belongings (in case of rain or slippage at river crossings)
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Glares (if undertaken during daylight)
  • A light, fitting backpack
  • Clothes vary as per season


2500/- Per head



Our experienced guides who hail from the local areas will help you avoid a single wrong step in this trek. From their knowledge of the local ecosystem to the barbecue specially prepared by us, the bonfire at the end of the night is just the icing on your cake, warming you up after hours of trekking to the caves.



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